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How to Develop an Organizational Structure Template for Your Company

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Streamlining the backend processes of your organization doesn’t just stop at choosing a structure. You also have to monitor your system to see if it’s producing positive results. This will help you determine whether to keep the existing structure or transition to a better one. This can serve as a guide to hiring future employees and managing existing ones. When your employees have a clear idea of their roles and the roles above theirs, they can manage their expectations.

website organization structure

A functional—or role-based—structure is one of the most common organizational structures. This structure has centralized leadership and the vertical, hierarchical structure has clearly defined roles, job functions, chains of command and decision-making authority. A functional structure facilitates specialization, scalability and accountability.

Horizontal or flat org structure

You can sometimes see very tall structures than in a commercial bank. The matrix chart depicts employees from various departments reporting to their functional or department heads, just like in the functional chart. However, the difference is that the employees also report to a project manager who leads select employees from these departments on special projects such as the creation of a new product line. When you don’t have a good organizational structure in place, it’s easy for your employees to drown in the frenzy of activities that happen behind the scenes of the company. Your workflow is bound to be disorganized and employees become distracted. Organizational structures also help to improve the decision-making process.

In a matrix structure, employees may be part of a two team structure, functional department and a project team, allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration. A solid and successful organizational structure is essential for achieving its goals and objectives. This article will explore how to create an effective organizational structure. The database model is particularly useful when applied within relatively homogeneous subsites such as product catalogs and staff directories. However, enterprise controlled vocabularies can often provide a thin horizontal layer of structure across the full breadth of a site.

Alternative Organizational Structures

But that often makes more sense to your employees than your visitors. Remember, most of your visitors don’t care what departments your nonprofit is organized into or how lines are drawn in your organizational chart. More importantly, the flat structure will give you, the business owner, more time to get acquainted with your business and learn about the other types of structures. This way, you will know when it’s time to switch to a different organizational structure. Like the flat organizational structure, the network structure is decentralized and less hierarchical. One other unique feature of the structure is social networking.

  • Learn how to structure a website and what type of structure benefits your web design.
  • Clear Chain of Command – This is the hierarchy from top to bottom, with each level in the pyramid responsible for a specific set of tasks and decisions.
  • Yes, but all organizational change should be thought out carefully before it occurs.
  • Geographical divisions allow companies the advantage of catering to a specific customer.
  • This is because the other company in the network bears the responsibility of the other processes.

Features a tree-like structure, the elements in which have “main” and “secondary” dependencies. The “secondary” elements are the narrowest concepts stored in the “main” element. For example, the “main” element is the “Main page” of an online store, the “secondary” is the “Catalog” page or the “Product card” – depending on the navigation system.

Sidebar Navigation

There should be control processes to manage the balance between effective control and maintaining engagement. Organizations are now using variations of virtual structure with outsourced tasks, positions, and even projects. In 1990, a type of structure developed was not an organization but a digital network of cooperation. Businesses divide into small strategic units that focus on specific elements of the organization’s mission.

website organization structure

A hierarchical organization structure is the pyramid-shaped organization chart many people are used to seeing. There is one role at the top of the pyramid and the chain how to plan a website structure of command moves down, with each level decreasing in responsibilities and authority. Many companies use the traditional model of a centralized organizational structure.

Network org structure

For example, we can ask for a list of all contacts who live in Connecticut, sorted alphabetically by city. Consider the National Cancer Institute’s award-winning main page, shown in Figure 5-13. It’s one of the government’s most visited pages on the Web, and the portal into a large information system. Presenting information hierarchically at the page level, as NCI has done, can make a major positive impact on usability. Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer who specializes in digital marketing.

website organization structure

To state the somewhat obvious, disorganization isn’t good for anyone’s needs. Having some form of website organization is key to the user experience and your site’s visitors completing intended tasks. Breadcrumbs to different parts of the site and little cues here and there are great, but a properly organized site allows for users to get more done on their own or with minimal assistance. Operating geographical business units enables a company to adapt its products and services to the host location’s culture, needs, and tastes. Companies define them by market, product, or location, or they can be part of a matrix of functions and other business units. At that point, most often become functional structures—the beginning of hierarchical design.

Product-based divisional org structure

Power and authority don’t reside with the CEO or major stakeholders as employees are also involved in the decision-making process. When employee feedback and opinions are considered, they are more likely to stay at the company longer. At Starbucks, employees report to a human resource manager and a divisional manager. This cross-collaborative arrangement gives Starbucks flexibility to adjust to different market conditions. This structure is usually temporary and is ideal for situations where employees may need to work on projects outside their department.

website organization structure

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