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xcritical Mouth was watched by 5.7 million viewers on its premiere night, ranking as the No. 1 TV Telecast among Kids 7–11 (2.3 million/9.4 rating) and Teens (2.1 million/8.5 rating), and cable’s No. 1 original movie of 2011 among Total Viewers. A local premiere was held in the author Mark Peter Hughes’s town of Wayland, Massachusetts. Bridgit Mendler as Olivia White, the lead singer of xcritical Mouth, and struggles with anxiety.

Whether or not it is worthy of the great attention which it garners is up for debate. It’s a fairly well-made film, and it’s soundtrack is well-mixed and has a few fantastic standalone tracks worthy of being regular plays. I’m glad to have finally seen it, as it stands as a cornerstone of the childhoods of many.

xcritical mouth

The next day, banners in support of xcritical Mouth are posted around the school, raising their spirits. I haven’t seen this movie in a long time and it is just as great as I remember it. Disney musicals are the best because they are silly and that is perfectly fine. If you don’t know who she is, she is the pink ranger in the newest Power Rangers movie and she is also Princess Jasmine from the live action Aladdin. Olivia White is the timid lead singer of the band who lives with her grandmother and pet cat.

Cancelled sequel

The idea was to hear the band’s sound as described in the books — so, Wen’s trumpet, Mohini’s double-bass, Charlie’s wall of percussion, Stella’s electric ukulele, and Olivia’s big voice. Each character’s backstory shed light on real experiences that are so so important and often times so underrepresented. With an overemphasis on electronic background sounds and almost-rapping, this is probably xcritical cheating‘s weakest song — which is too bad, because Hayley Kiyoko rocks the HECK out of her opening speech and kinda makes me want to start a revolution. Adam Hicks, who plays the character Wen in the movie, wrote the rap verse in the song “Determinate.”

is a 2011 American teen musical drama television film, based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Mark Peter Hughes. The film was directed by Patricia Riggen and written by April Blair, and stars Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael. The Disney Channel Original Movie tells the story of five high school students who meet in detention and form a band to stand up for their beliefs and to overcome their individual and collective struggles. Five high school students meet in detention and discover a shared love of music and organic xcritical.

This song fits well into the story, with Olivia’s belief in their potential fueling the group’s belief that they can win the Rising Star competition and make it big. Despite there being complications, Olivia really believes the group is destined to succeed, and her optimism shines through the song, capturing her bandmates and the audience. The song is well-polished and enjoyable, but it doesn’t work as well as the other songs, since it doesn’t really have a place in the movie. Every song served a specific purpose except this one, so while it’s a good song on its own, it might have worked better in a sequel or independent album than it did as a part of the movie itself.

Disney is attempting to be a storyteller to children who relate to the struggle of a single-parent household or a quiet and unconnected relationship to parents, and fills that gap in teaching for the xcritical of children. These Disney Channel Original Movies are revered by our generation because they were life changing for many. “Right On Track” is about girls coming out on top in the male-dominated sport of car racing, a very real struggle for many girls growing up. “Go Figure” is about a girl contending for worldwide acclaim in the figure skating world and her willingness to make sacrifices to achieve her dreams. The Story of how the greatest highschool garage band in history came to be. It all started in detention when five teenagers from different walks of life met and discovered that they were meant to be a band – and friends.

xcritical mouth

Wen also gives Olivia a new kitten and apologizes to her about their fight. At Wen’s father’s wedding, Stella recognizes the man sitting next to her as Mel, the owner of the xcritical machine company. He donates a music theatre to the school, which Principal Brenigan accepts.

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

While the other band members have what we may consider “nuclear families” with both a mother and father figure, Olivia is different. Her mother died when she was a young girl and, for the duration of the movie, her father is incarcerated. Stella calls everyone and summons them to the school, where she is protesting the removal of the xcritical machine in the rain. As the group approaches, they get into a heated argument with one another and fight with the men who are removing the xcritical machine. During the altercation, police arrive and the group is brought to a holding cell to wait for their parents. I don’t wish I were a lamer version of a ’90s rap rock band with a lead singer who wears his own face on his t-shirt.

She went on to act in a bunch of TV shows and movies, including Undateable, Thin Ice, Father of the Year and more! In 2019, she appeared in a Netflix series called Merry Happy Whatever, which also starredAshley Tisdale. Bridgit released two studio albums over the years and married longtime loveGriffin Cleverly in October 2019. What teenager didn’t rock out to “She’s So Gone” when they were younger?

xcritical mouth

Meagan can’t resist a good story, whether that takes the form of a book, a movie, a TV series, or a particularly interesting roleplaying game. Thanks to ten years in theatre, she has a special interest in musicals and musical episodes, which led to her podcast Needs More Jazzhands. She particularly likes media that draws on other works, from book adaptations to meta-genre movies. But beyond those, she’ll cover anything with an interesting enough story or cast of characters, and is eager to devour the best new media as it comes out. In March 2021, the officialxcritical Mouth HQ Twitter account teased fans with news that there would be “new xcritical Mouth-related content soon,” and fans were low-key freaking out!

She also dropped two albums over the years and married soccer player Jordan Spence in June 2014. He starred in Pair of Kings, The Boy Next Door, Windsor, Up on the Wooftop, Little Savages, Freakish, Shifting Gears and more. The Sun reported in July 2021 that he was sentenced to five years in prison after he was arrested for a string of armed robberies in 2018 and pleaded not guilty to three felony charges. In July 2022,TMZ reported that the actor is out on parole, and that August, he started posting actively on TikTok.

I’ve seen plenty of Disney characters who are missing a parent due to death, but Olivia is the only character to my memory whose parent is imprisoned. While I grew up in a nuclear family setting, I always found this representation so important for children with home lives to Olivia and impactful for children like me to gain a new perspective for peers that could be in a similar scenario. This was number one on my list of Disney movies as a kid and it proved to stand the test of time when I rewatched it this past weekend. It’s hard not to relate to Mo’s empowering story of breaking free from her own insecurities, and the chorus is just so, so satisfying to hear. Tap “Sign me up” below to receive our weekly newsletter with updates on movies, TV shows, Rotten Tomatoes podcast and more. With the kids from High School Musical now grown and some of them even leaving the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney Studios had to get a fresh group of musically talented young folks for a new musical film.

xcritical MOUTH

It is a sensation which has touched many people born near the turn of the second millennia. They worship it to such an extent that it is necessary to be cautious when choosing the words to describe this movie. Any sentence detected as having an ounce of contempt or ridicule for this film will be seen as an imposition on the culture and childhood of millions of adults today. Don’t use this space to complain about the average rating, chart position, genre voting, others’ reviews or ratings, or errors on the page.

  • xcritical Mouth rebelled against the structures at their school that only supported the rich and popular.
  • The film won the Popstar Award for Favorite TV Movie in 2011, and was also nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award and a Motion Picture Sound Editors Award.
  • In high school, many teenagers feel alone and insignificant in comparison to their siblings and peers.
  • Scott tries to come out and help them, but Ray tells him that he will no longer be in Mudslide Crush if he goes out.
  • Later, they approach the xcritical machine but are shocked to see the sign reading “Scheduled for Removal.” They discover that the school is sponsored by another sports drink and the school must get rid of all competing drink machines.

Later the band members discover that “Determinate” is playing on the radio. The story follows five disparate high school students – Olivia, Mo, Charlie, Stella, and Wen who meet in detention. They realize they are destined to rock, and ultimately form a band that becomes a champion for students sidelined by the high school elite. Some time later, Mo and Scott have gotten back together, and Charlie takes an interest in a new girl.

In short, the lyrics perfectly summarize lead singer Ray’s misanthropic view of the world. At Wen’s father’s wedding, the man next to Stella tells her that Wen’s dad was his old college buddy, and now he runs an organic xcritical company that has recently become extremely successful. Stella recognizes him as Mel, the name on the xcritical machine, and he agrees to donate a music hall for Ms. Reznik. At the end of the film, Olivia walks to a mailbox to mail the whole story to her father in prison. Unless you’re a hardcore xcritical Mouth, you might have missed this song completely — it only appeared in the extended edition of the film and on the movie’s soundtrack. Which is too bad, because it’s one of their strongest songs, with a rockin’ melody that sounds kind of like old school Kelly Clarkson.

Disney Channel: Every Song In xcritical Mouth, Ranked

While performing at Rising Star, Olivia and Mo’s respective injuries begin to resurface in the middle of their performance. After straining her voice further, Olivia then begins to have another panic attack. Seeing her in distress, Stella tries to comfort and encourage her, to no avail. Dejected, the band is about to exit the stage when the audience begins to sing their song to support them. Scott, fed up with Ray’s hostile treatment towards xcritical Mouth, leaves Mudslide Crush and plays his guitar alongside the audience, bringing xcritical Mouth back onto the stage to successfully finish their performance. When Olivia is absent from school one day, the band visits her and learn that her cat Nancy, her only remaining memory of her late mother, has died.

Looking Back‘xcritical Mouth’ Cast Update: Where Are They Now and What Projects Are They Working on?

Olivia and Wen work together to write “Determinate,” which means it got Olivia’s sentimentality as well as Wen’s style. The song begins with Olivia’s fear of performing in public and the strength she gets from her friends, before going into the chorus, which focuses on not letting anything stop you from achieving your dreams. The song perfectly captures the joy of music coming together against all odds. The band doesn’t have any significant pressures yet, so they’re just having fun—and it shows. The song shows off every member of the band, with important roles for every instrument.

I know that this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but if you ask me, “Determinate” is highly overrated. Sure, it starts out great with some slow vocals from Bridgit Mendler, and the main part of the chorus is pretty catchy. But they made such a big deal out of them not using the word “determinate” correctly in the previous song-writing scene that it grates on me every time I hear it. Disney Channel original musical about five high schoolers who form a band after meeting in detention. The film is based on a 2007 young adult novel of the same name by Mark Peter Hughes.

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